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On the August 19, 2013 episode of Raw, a vignette was aired introducing Primo and Epico as the masked Los Matadores. [47] Later, on the September 30 edition of Raw , Primo and Epico debuted as Los Matadores , as a face of a team of two masked Spanish bullfighters with El Torito as mascot and faced 3MB in a winning effort. [48] [49] Los Matadores faced off against The Usos, RybAxel, and The Real Americans on the WrestleMania XXX preshow in a fatal four-way elimination match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Los Matadores were unsuccessful in their bid to become champions however, when they were eliminated first. On June 23, reported that Fernando was injured at a live event that past weekend. As a result, Diego and El Torito started a feud with Bo Dallas. At Battleground , Diego competed in a 19-man battle royal for the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship but was eliminated by Ryback . Diego defeated Fandango on the July 28th edition of Raw (using the "Back Stabber" for the first time as Diego), while being accompanied to the ring by the Slayers. On the September 9 edition of Main Event, Los Matadores faced the NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension in a losing effort. In March 2015, they defeated The New Day to end a losing streak. Los Matadores were in a Fatal 4-way match for the WWE Tag Team Championship on the WrestleMania 31 pre-show, but failed to claim the titles. Diego participated in the 2nd annual André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal but was eliminated by Kane . After months of chasing the WWE Tag Team Championship, Los Matadores fell out and seemingly broke up, as they no longer appeared on TV.

Results  Treatment with paricalcitol reduced parathyroid hormone levels within 4 weeks and maintained levels within the normal range throughout the study duration. At 48 weeks, the change in left ventricular mass index did not differ between treatment groups (paricalcitol group, g/m [95% CI, − to g/m ] vs placebo group, − g/m [95% CI, − to g/m ]). Doppler measures of diastolic function including peak early diastolic lateral mitral annular tissue velocity (paricalcitol group, − cm/s [95% CI, − to cm/s] vs placebo group, − cm/s [95% CI, − to cm/s]) also did not differ. Episodes of hypercalcemia were more frequent in the paricalcitol group compared with the placebo group.

The Frigidaire Gallery FGHB2866PF is an entry-level high-end fridge. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it's relatively inexpensive for a cubic foot French door with a stainless exterior and through-the-door ice and water... as long as you find it on sale. Performance-wise, we had few complaints, and our biggest one—calibration—is easy to correct if you've got a thermometer. Unless you'd rather save your pennies for a sleeker French door or downsize to something more affordable, this Frigidaire hits a sweet spot for customers who need lots of capacity for the least amount of money. That said, just make sure you don't pay the exorbitant $2,500 MSRP.

Test e primo results

test e primo results


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