T-bulb weather seal

It is possible to convert from this style of weather seal to the more common T style U shape simply by replacing the retainer on the bottom of the garage door. If you have an uneven floor or other issues sealing the garage door to the floor that this style of weather seal will not accommodate, consider replacing the retainer.
There is a wide variety of weather seal available in the T style, U shape.
Different widths, thickness, rubber and vinyl. If your door is not sealing the floor and this is the type of seal that is on the door we can help you solve that issue.
We have many different types, styles and profiles of bottom retainer in PVC and aluminum that used in conjunction with our large selection of weather seals will allow you to seal any door.
Browse our store under weather seal to see a variety of options.
If you have special needs and do not see what you need listed please drop us an email or call.

T-bulb weather seal

t-bulb weather seal


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