T-bolt target/varmint

• Free floating heavy varmint barrel and semi-match chamber
• Three-layed, externally adjustable trigger
• Satin finish walnut stock

Browning®'s T-Bolt is one of the most accurate, handy, and easy-to-shoot rimfires ever produced. These modern versions rely on the classic straight-pull bolt-action design to chamber each cartridge fed from the new 10-round rotary box Double Helix magazine. The T-Bolt's three-lever trigger offers a light, crisp break, and every barrel is free floating. The Target/Varmint Model will appeal to those who are serious about accuracy. With a satin finished walnut stock and heavy varmint barrel that provides pinpoint accuracy, this T-Bolt rivals custom guns costing much more. Other features include an adjustable trigger and a top tang safety.

Browning X-Bolt Esclipse (Blued Thumbhole Laminate) Hunter Bolt Action Rifle NZ $1890 (incl. GST)

Calibers: 7mm08, 7mmRM, .300WSM

The thumbhole is only the beginning.  The X-Bolt Eclipse Hunter features a beautiful laminated stock that offers extra stability, a Monte Carlo cheekpiece for improved eye-to-scope alignment and a thumbhole grip for more consistent finger-to-trigger reach. The thumbhole style laminated stock can help make long range shooting not only more comfortable but more solid than rock few features result in elevated accuracy potential both in the field and from the bench, without adding significant weight.

T-bolt target/varmint

t-bolt target/varmint


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