Rolex gmt master one

The Rolex below is another REF 16570 Explorer II, same model as the tritium model above, except with luminova. However this time it has a Rolex “Swiss Made” Dial at the 6 o’clock designation. This indicates a continuation of the luminova dial and replaced the Rolex “Swiss” dial seen previously. The lume color is again green. It is important to note that very old Rolex watches made prior to the 1960’s also had Swiss and Swiss Made designations. Those timepieces had radium as the lume source, and radium is much more damaging to health compared to the also radioactive tritium.

Dear John,
Thanks for this write-up and documentation on the various dials of the 16710. As you mentioned, the stick-dial is not an error-dial, nor the rectangular dial. They are just different fonts used over different era’s. The stick-dial goes back as far as 2005 in D-Serials. The rectangular was used towards the end of the production in Late Z-Serials and early M-Serials. The 3186 caliber is a nice upgrade in the 16710, but I doubt that over the coming years it will fetch a higher premium. I hope you are right, but I doubt it.
Thanks again for your great site! I enjoy it every time I visit.

With the service, I asked for no case or bracelet polish and asked them to replace the original black bezel with the blue/red one. They told me that they would not return the old one to me (and that 3rd party service centers were under the same obligation). I do not understand the motives for their strict policy. One thing I noticed after the service was that the bezel would only rotate in one direction (like a diver’s watch). Rolex must have changed or added a ratchet mechanism. (I did use the watch frequently in the sea, so a part might have got worn due to sand abrasion).

Rolex gmt master one

rolex gmt master one


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