Proviron infertility treatment

Hi Doctor
I have one child with my wife after third cycle when we got married. then 2 years afterwards. she had miscarriage in 9,10 weeks .since then we ve been trying for 18months now ,we have tracked everything,nothing is took 2 semen analysis .december : 2% morpho, 29% motility ,sperm count 150m/ml. sperm volume 2ml.
second one on april 2016 results: 2% morpho, 53% motility. sperm count 65m/ml , volume 2ml .that said i m taking fertilsan M since january 2016 ( yes increase in motility but not in morpho!!!) we went to fertility clinic, on may and june 2016 treated with hycosy ( all clear no blockage, ),tried follicule tracking ,she had 2 eggs and nothing went to urologist this month. full check up and ultrasoung testes and nothing wrong with my testes or anything. so Doctor please what can you advise me about our case?. noting that i m not fat , m maybe 5kgs overweight than what i should be .

I usually recommend the perfect post cycle therapy. This conversion process is initiated when proviron prescription aromatizable AAS interact with aromatase, which is an mesterolone in male infertility enzyme necessary for the biosynthesis of estrogen. Although Proviron is proviron side effects steroids considered a very old medication, it still stands the test of time as being known as a compound that has impressive mesterolone in male infertility effectiveness as a medicine alongside an proviron with tren impressive history of safety and tolerance among proviron masteron patients.

Proviron infertility treatment

proviron infertility treatment


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