Proviron dosage

mg orally once a day.

to mg/day (transdermal film) applied topically 1 or 2 times a week. Systems should not be applied to the breasts.
14 mcg/day weekly (transdermal film) applied topically once a week.

Application sites vary according to manufacturer formulation and include the lower abdomen, upper thigh, buttocks, or upper arm.

In addition to hormonal therapy, adequate calcium intake is important for postmenopausal women who require treatment or prevention of osteoporosis. The average diet of older American women contains 400 to 600 mg of calcium per day. A suggested optimal intake is 1500 mg per day. If dietary intake is insufficient to achieve 1500 mg per day, supplementation may be useful in women who have no contraindication to calcium supplementation.

Long-term therapy (for more than 5 years) is generally necessary in order to obtain substantive benefits in reducing the risk of bone fracture. Maximal benefits are obtained if estrogen therapy is initiated as soon after menopause as possible. The optimal duration of therapy has not been definitively determined.

Women currently on oral estrogen therapy and changing to a transdermal estradiol system should initiate transdermal therapy 1 week following discontinuation of oral estrogens (sooner if menopausal symptoms reappear). Changes between transdermal systems may be initiated without interruption of therapy.

When used solely for the prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis, approved non-estrogen treatments should carefully be considered, and estrogen and combined estrogen-progestin products should only be considered for women with significant risk of osteoporosis that outweighs the risks of the drug.

Proviron dosage

proviron dosage


proviron dosageproviron dosageproviron dosageproviron dosageproviron dosage