Msi primo test

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Thinking that whatever files are needed to uninstall the toolbar were lost when I uninstalled PDF Creator, I reinstalled PDF Creator so that all of the files would be present and I could uninstall the pdfforge Toolbar first, then uninstall PDF Creator again. That didn't work, as I still got the same error messages about being unable to find . In complete frustration, I then did a Windows 7 System Restore to a point before the installation of PDF Creator. Although the programs in this installation (PDF Creator, Images2PDF, PDF Architect and pdfforge Toolbar) all seem to be gone, pdfforge Toolbar still appears in the Installed Programs list in both Control Panel and CCleaner and I get the same error message as before when trying to remove it from the list.

Msi primo test

msi primo test


msi primo testmsi primo testmsi primo testmsi primo testmsi primo test