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Inside the vault, when Kisch tried to remove the fuse from the atomic device, Oddjob prevented him - and threw him off the balcony to his death many stories below (# 27 death) where Bond was located. After removing the keys from Kisch's pocket and unlocking his handcuffs, Bond faced the threatening Oddjob before he could defuse the bomb. In a tense one-on-one fight as the clock ticked down inside the besieged Fort Knox, Bond struggled against Oddjob - who tossed his own lethal, boomeranging bowler hat at him, but missed, causing the hat to be jammed and stuck between steel gate bars. When Oddjob reached for his hat, Bond touched a severed live wire of thousands of volts to the gate bars, electrocuting him in a shower of sparks. He died with outstretched arms as he fell forward to the floor (# 28 death, # 7 Bond kill) . Goldfinger's henchmen were retreating and dying in large numbers as Bond had only about 20 seconds left to deactivate the bomb. After the vault was reopened, an atomic scientist saved Bond from death by easily flipping a switch on the device, with only 007 seconds to spare. Bond was told that Pussy had switched the gas in the canisters - Bond surmised: "I must have appealed to her maternal instincts."

The Handy Palette features a patented sponge insert and special permeable palette paper. Together they provide acrylic paints with a constant source of moisture. Simply moisten the sponge and lay it inside the tray, then place the palette paper on top. When the lid is open, your paints will have an extended open time. When the lid is snapped shut, the Handy Palette will maintain a moist atmosphere that preserves acrylic paints amazingly well. (For best results, use only Sta-Wet brand palette paper, which is permeable, cleanable, and reusable.)

But entirely coincidental resemblances aside, Masterson and Cooper’s warm accounts of Letterman’s deep local roots and childhood antics are heartwarming. You can see from their eyes that they have very strong feelings about the groundbreaking late night host: Whether the subject is the unexpected way his style of humor became popular, his fallout with Jay Leno, or even the origin of his famous “Stupid Pet Tricks” segments, the two men make it clear what a long shadow their old friend has cast and how deeply his success continues to affect their lives. Masterson even gets a little teary-eyed when he remembers Letterman’s legendary “ pencil toss ” bit, which, he reveals, was actually the kind of inside joke you can only share with your oldest, closest friends—the ones who’ve seen you at your worst. Get your tissues ready.

Masterson holdings

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