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In December 1917 Mansfield was diagnosed with tuberculosis . Rejecting the idea of staying in a sanatorium on the grounds that it would cut her off from writing, [5] she moved abroad to avoid the English winter. [7] She stayed at a half-deserted and cold hotel in Bandol , France, where she became depressed but continued to produce stories, including " Je ne parle pas français ". " Bliss ", the story that lent its name to her second collection of stories in 1920, was also published in 1918. Her health continued to deteriorate and she had her first lung haemorrhage in March. [7]

Among the top players, Westlake's Emma Peeler defeated Lakewood's Figueredo; Laurel's Rachel Buchinsky beat Mayfield's Hannah Kassaie; and Summit Country Day's Elizabeth Fahrmeier defeated Wyoming's Peyton Osha. Click to view the Top Ohio Players for Central , Northeast , Northwest , and Southwest . As a super duper bonus feature, the OTZ College Report now also includes Ohio-based players who are now competing in professional tennis tournaments. This information is in the right-side navigation bar and it includes: the player, his/her professional ranking, and the player's highest ranking / date of that ranking. This is not an all-inclusive report but the plan is to identify players ranked in the top 900 or so. This report will be updated occasionally but readers can click on the links to see any current information about the players.

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