Master juice

There is something about ‘Juicy Mountain’ which you simply cannot put your finger on. The weather isn’t always wonderful, the rooms very rustic and the electric can randomly go off, but it’s a magical place and I LOVE it – luckily I’m far from the only one. People come from all over the world to this extremely remote retreat and we are always full. This is why I had to look for another retreat – ‘Juicy Oasis’ in Portugal. Juicy Oasis has all the mod cons, but Juicy Mountain is just an entirety all of its own and it really is a place words do nothing for, you simply have to experience it.

“After dedicating a goodly share of my past life in perfecting and simplifying a system of healing that is completely free from error and side effects, at a very low cost, I was forced to overcome many difficult obstacles that often threatened to stop me, but I persisted in spite of the medical and legal attacks. I was told in each case I was doing too much good, and to keep me from giving the help that solved their health problems I was sent to prison so I couldn’t help anyone any more. But … many of the guards, nurses and even doctors [in prison] came to me for help that no other system could [offer]. In prison I was not competing with their medical rackets, but on the outside I hurt their con games. If my system was made legal, the medical system would be of no further need.”

Master juice

master juice


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