Mast producing trees

Most Christian writers on Biblical mores and ethics point to the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:27-20) where the Lord teaches that it is possible for a person to commit sexually immoral acts in one's fantasy life. The thoughts and intentions of the heart can be very important and as implicating as outward acts. Although deliberately feeding on lustful thoughts and acting them out in one's mind is "already adultery" in the heart, according to Jesus, temptation which is not acted upon does not constitute sin. As an old Proverb says, "One can not prevent the birds from flying over one's head, but one can keep them from building a nest in one's hair." When the factor of fantasies is added into the equation of masturbation there is no doubt we are now referring to fornication and sexual uncleanness. One can no longer claim that masturbation is a "gray area."

The extreme variability in acorn production underscores the importance in considering alternative food sources for fall, winter, and early spring for wildlife. In most mature forests with few canopy gaps there could be as little as 50-100 lbs of deer selected forage per acre in the understory. However, with some management, like thinning and prescribed fire the amount of deer selected forage can be increased to almost 1000 lbs/ac! Additionally, forest management also increases the amount cover throughout the year for species like white-tailed deer, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, woodcock, and many forest songbirds. Contrary to popular belief, cover can be more of a limiting factor for many wildlife species compared to food availability. Forest management could include girdling undesirable trees to expand growing space for mast producing trees or conducting a timber harvest removing undesirable trees and poor producing oak trees while retaining good producing trees. For more information on conducting a timber harvest for wildlife on your property contact a professional wildlife biologist or professional forester in your area.

Prednisone/Prednisolone: A terrible drug for immune type chronic illnesses, it suppresses many symptoms and helps substantially in the short term but at a very high chronic cost of making you sicker and eventually dependent on it. As time goes on, the side effects worsen and it becomes more and more difficult to get off it. Avoid except as a last resort. Depressingly it’s often the first drug doctors prescribe for autoimmune problems and allergic disorders even though it’s so awful. Note that there’s nothing wrong with short courses of it for an illness (like 2 weeks to a few months, to maybe half a year, unlikely to develop side effects). But it should NOT be used to treat chronic conditions lasting over a year if you can avoid it. If you are already stuck on it, be sure to investigate any other drugs that can reduce or replace your need for prednisone. (Dairy-allergics: contains lactose in most formulations except Pediapred afaik) I’m no longer taking it, of course. Likely corny too. It is cheap, can be effective at first but evil.

Mast producing trees

mast producing trees


mast producing treesmast producing treesmast producing treesmast producing treesmast producing trees