Mast p only cycle

I have two questions instead of a reply. I hope that’s alright. I have Celiac and am 98% sure that I also have Mastocytosis/MCAS. Due to a recent rash, I’m on an H1/H2 inhibitor. I have an appointment with a specialist in one month. My questions are: Should I stay away from the medicine and also not incorporate a low histamine diet until I see the doctor? (With Celiac I had to stay on gluten until the “gold standard” test). Is there a suggestion for a MCAS versed doctor in Colorado?
Thanks so much!! Your page is extremely helpful and it’s nice to know that you aren’t the only person going through this.

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I'd like to lose some fat while gaining quality lean muscle. I want to gain a little mass, but my main concentration will be to get more defined. My concern is to not lose my libido or my ability to have sex while on cycle or while doing my PCT. I'm getting this cycle ready for the end of the summer. I want to add Winstrol into this cycle, but I would like recommendations on how to do so. Should I run it throughout the cycle, or at the end only? Please help me with doses as well. I have an oil based geneza injectable whose concentration is 40mg/mL. And I bumped up the doses of the test and npp, please let me know if I've gone overboard with the doses. Thanks in advance!

Mast p only cycle

mast p only cycle


mast p only cyclemast p only cyclemast p only cyclemast p only cyclemast p only cycle