Mast exit plate

    Internal Waterproofing Foam: NGA-Foam:
Expanding foam is used for installation of Internal Waterproofing Plug. Single-use can is sufficient for installation of any Internal Waterproofing Plug.     NG-60 Mast Base Halyard Turning Blocks
A variety of Mast Base Turning Blocks and Block Studs are used with the NG-60 Mast Steps and Deck Collars, See Isomat Mast Base Turning Blocks . ~ Back to Isomat Masts ~

However, all this gives you a long range radio that allows you to communicate with local ships between 200 and 2000 miles away and ground stations and email relay points 10000 miles away. It allows you to talk to friends and sailors on the other side of the world for free, and allows you to listen to weather and cruising nets containing local information. It is old and clunky and is sometimes doesn’t work when you want due to solar activity and the weather, but it is free to use and allows you to broadcast instead of being solely a one-to-one medium. It is designed for the remotest places on the earth where conventional communications isn’t appropriate or available.

Mast exit plate

mast exit plate


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