Lean cycle time definition

In addition, the United States Government has recently begun to employ lean startup ideas. The Federal Chief Information Officer of the United States , Steven VanRoekel noted that he is taking a "lean-startup approach to government." [40] Ries has also worked with the former and current Chief Technology Officers of the United States — Aneesh Chopra and Todd Park respectively—to implement aspects of the lean startup model into the United States Government . [41] [42] In particular, Park noted that in order to understand customer demand, the Department of Health and Human Services , recognized "the need to rapidly prototype solutions, engage customers in those solutions as soon as possible, and then quickly and repeatedly iterate those solutions based on working with customers." [43] [44] In May 2012, Ries and The White House announced the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, which brings together top citizen innovators and government officials to work on high-level projects and deliver measurable results in six months. [45]

Lean cycle time definition

lean cycle time definition


lean cycle time definitionlean cycle time definitionlean cycle time definitionlean cycle time definitionlean cycle time definition