Igo primo test

  • This step is only needed by BMW e60 without factory AUX and add a small amplifier to get sound, below picture shows you how to connect the small amplifier:

    Note: the small speaker is not necessary anymore, so we don’t add it in the package, as the navigation sound can come out from front left car door speaker.
  • If you have installed a few units yourself over the years, you won’t have a problem. Please send this installation guide to your installer before he installs the Android BMW E60 navigation head unit for you. If your installer still have questions, you can take some pictures for us to check, we will do our best to help.

    To use the subscription features, like live traffic information, you need to set up your account. If you have replaced your device or reinstalled iGO Navigation you need to set up your account to be able to restore the subscription features. You need to enable the iCloud if you have an operating system earlier than iOS 8. If you have iOS 8 or a later version you need to enable the iCloud Drive as well. Please make sure that the iCloud is enabled at the time of purchase, otherwise the application cannot save the data necessary for restoring your purchase information.

    Igo primo test

    igo primo test


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