Dianabols blue

The steroid’s tremendously powerful anabolic nature delivers a number of beneficial effects for bodybuilders in the UK. It produces dramatic increases in protein biosynthesis, breakdown of glycogen (glycogenolysis), muscle mass and strength over a short period of time. To boost protein synthesis (which results in muscle growth), Dbol promotes increased nitrogen retention within cells. Nitrogen is an important component of protein. Proteins are made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, and form the raw material from which muscle and many other bodily tissues are built. Lack of nitrogen within cells triggers catabolic state (muscle wasting). By stimulating nitrogen retention, Dianabol causes increased protein synthesis and prevents muscles from catabolizing during and after hard training. Enhanced glycogenolysis by Dianabol allows the body to make better use of total carbohydrate consumption, which is essential for achieving a normal and efficient source of fuel and energy for the human body.

Alright so i will take 1 pill of d-bal and 1 pill of testo max both daily even on non-workout think it is better to cycle only 4 weeks since it will be the first cycle and my body needs to adapt to those pills. i will stay 4 weeks “on” and then weeks “off” so that way i can keep the side effects to a minimum(d-bal). if i got good results going up on weight scale, putting on some serious muscle mass along with a healthy diet and intense workouts i will be ready to go for the cutting stack so lets see if those suplements are the real deal if they are i will be a costumer for life!i will let you know when im ready to order,thanks again!

Dianabols blue

dianabols blue


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