Dht blocker on cycle

If you are switching to or from Spironolactone (Aldactone) and Cyprotone Acetate (Androcur) be aware that Androcur is much more powerful as an anti-androgen than Spiro, therfore you don't need to take as much of it. The general rule of thumb for conversion between the two is that Androcur is FOUR TIMES as strong as Spironolactone. So, if you were taking 200mg/day of Spiro that would mean you'd only need 50mg/day of Androcur. It is also suggested that you ramp down off of or up onto Spiro over the course of two to three weeks and start with no more than 25mg/day of Androcur until you are certain you do not have any negative reactions to it. It is important to have your liver function monitored while taking Androcur. Also be aware that people who switch from Spiro to Androcur also often notice a weight gain of between 5 and 20 pounds. Some of it is water weight returning once the diuretic effects of Spiro dissipate.

Have you tried adding high quality pure lavender and or tea tree oil to this regimen? Rosemary is also Good for hair growth but not advised for people with high blood pressure.
I have read that using the derma roller as often as you suggest can actually damage the scalp and cause it to scar, eventually preventing hair from growing. I read on other sites that when you use the derma roller every other day that initially it will help stimulate hair growth and encourage new hair growth but it can lead to scarring if done that often. How true is this?
I appreciate your sourceful website and I hope that my husband has success with your protocol.
We follow mostly a paleo lifestyle, eat only organic, free range, grass fed , wild caught foods. We’ve been doing so for about 4-5 years. We are both 32. We do need to improve on being consistent with taking supplements.
Male pattern baldness runs in my husband’s family. I am hoping that your protocol works. I am documenting everything that we are doing and will share pics with you if we are successful in preventing baldness. You can see my husband’s scalp where his hair is thinning but he still has a full head of hair.
Have you tried using A high quality MSM with your elixir? I think I am going to add it to the mix. Also, try organic beet root juice and cilantro juiced from your juicer. Theyre good blood cleansers. I don’t know if it removes DHT but I know that it does clean the blood. Thanks again.

Dht blocker on cycle

dht blocker on cycle


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