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Anna's Secondary class is the Apothecary class. The Apothecary provides more utility for Anna. In its promotions, Anna learns many great utility skills and most importantly, in the Merchant Class, she learns Profiteer , which allows her to acquire even more money for the first few turns of a map. Given her strong luck, it is almost guaranteed that she obtain Gold Bars fairly often and can be either kept for selling or expended to boost Anna's offense when using Spendthrift . Mechanist provides most notably Replicate which allows Anna to replicate her self and potentially obtain twice the amount of gold per turn using her Personal Skill.

Before the module can be used, the default setting has to be changed. You can connect to and modify the BT JY-MCU module settings via the Arduino mega 2560 using the pin 10 and pin 9 as Rx and Tx terminals, respectively. Make sure you connect Rx on the BT module to the Tx on the arduino and vice versa, in other words Rx goes to Tx and vice versa. Upload the simple code to arduino located on an instructable entitled "Success-Using-the-JY-MCU-linvor-Bluetooth-Module". Use the serial monitor within arduino IDE or another terminal program, with baudrate set to 9600 and 'No Line Ending' selected, enter the following commands:

X1: Before Awakening - X2: Beach Brawl - X3: Boo Camp - X4: Museum Melee - X5: Ghostly Gold - X6: Royal Royale - X7: Hidden Truths 1 - X8: Hidden Truths 2 - X9: Vanguard Dawn - X10: Anna on the Run - X11: Ballistician Blitz - X12: A Gift from Anna - X13: Witches' Trial - X14: Another Gift from Anna - X15: I: In Endless Dreams - X16: II: Realms Collide - X17: III: The Changing Tide - X18: IV: Light's Sacrifice - X19: V: Endless Dawn - X20: End: Lost in the Waves - X21: Hoshidan Festival of Bonds - X22: Nohrian Festival of Bonds

C10 wiki

c10 wiki


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