Boli steroidei

Sixty-six patients were enrolled (35 men, mean age 38 +/- 15, range 18-75 yr), 15 of them at their first attack of UC; in the remaining cases, the mean duration of disease was +/- 5 yr. At inclusion, forty patients (60%) had pancolitis and the remainder had left-sided colitis. Overall, thirty-three patients (50%) underwent clinical remission after 7 days of treatment: 16 of 32 in group A and 17 of 34 in group B. Thirty-one patients eventually underwent total colectomy (12 in group A and 9 in group B), which was carried out by the first month in 10 patients (5 in each group). Twenty-eight patients (15 in group A and 13 in group B) experienced steroid-related adverse reactions. All differences between groups were not statistically significant. Previous use of steroids (OR , CI 2-86) and active smoking (OR , CI -107) were independent predictors of nonresponse.

Some of the effects of nandrolone decanoate can promote benefits including weight gain and in reducing cachexia or muscle wasting, especially in those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, as well as chronic illness.
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  Studies on animals (and some human case reports) note more negative side effects and adverse reactions than benefits.

Boli steroidei

boli steroidei


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